Negotiating the Best Car Deal – 1st You Must Understand One Thing

The one thing you must understand to negotiate the best car deal for yourself is what kind of purchasing power you have, specifically what kind of car buyer are you. I have broken this down into 3 categories; The Player, The Average Consumer, and The Get Me Done. Since there are too many variables in purchasing a vehicle I will focus on the most common for consumers, which is PAYMENT.

To determine which one you are, here is what separates the three:

The Player – 760+ FICO/Credit Score, you can buy what ever you want. You generally have enough money in the bank to reach whatever payment you desire.

The Average Consumer – 640 to 759 FICO/Credit Score, you have good purchasing power. You are generally on a budget so payment is key because you do not want sacrifice your other luxuries in your everyday life. You also have some money down to HELP reach that target payment.

The Get Me Done – 639 or less FICO/Credit Score, you are what your title suggests in most cases and are at the mercy of the Car Dealership and Financing Departments. The banks are going to specify a certain amount that they will allow you to finance, if you are over that amount because of the vehicle you chose then you will have to make up the difference with money down, and generally averages out to about 25% of the MSRP or sticker price.

These are basic guidelines to help you when purchasing a vehicle. Now with the knowledge of what kind of purchasing power you have, the car dealerships and financing departments will NOT be able to push you around in there traditional ways. That’s what most consumers fear about car salesmen anyway, that they will drive off the lot in a car they don’t like or want, with a payment they can’t afford. This brings me to the definition of negotiating the BEST car deal for yourself.

You know you negotiated the best car deal for yourself when, You are driving off the lot in a vehicle you like at a payment you want and can afford!

It IS that simple. I hate to break the news to you but somebody else, some where will have bought the same vehicle for less or a lower payment, etc. Who Cares – You Shouldn’t. Don’t worry about the many other variables at the end, or after you have driven off the lot, because if the definition of negotiating the best car deal applies to you – then you have accomplished your goal and you have WON! That’s what it’s all about anyway.

David Peve has been a successful sales person for 18 years and counting, 5 of those years were spent as the top salesman in both New and Pre-Owned vehicles at 2 different Car Dealerships, before moving on to bigger opportunities. I have several other articles on making purchasing vehicles easier through understanding how a car deal works, with tips and techniques for the average consumer.

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